Engage Interactions - Navigation instructions

Mar 09, 2011

Here are instructions to use on the first page of Engage interactions - navigation instructions.  Can' remember if I got these from someone or made them up myself.  Just thought they'd be useful to the forum.

1.     Process Navigation:

a.     Click the Step buttons at the bottom of the interaction to view steps in any order.

b.    Moving the mouse pointer over a Step button displays the name of the step.

2.     Labeled Graphic

a.     Move the mouse pointer over a numbered marker to display the label title.

b.    To see the full label description, click the numbered marker.

3.     Tabs

a.     Click any tab on the left side of the screen to display the content.

4.     Circle Diagram

a.     Click either a segment or the center core for more information.

5.     Timeline

a.     Move the mouse over an event marker (circle) to see the name of the event. 

b.    Click the event marker to display the content for that event.

6.     Media Tour

7.     FAQ

a.     Click a question to display the answer.

8.     Pyramid

a.     Click a segment of the pyramid to display the content related to the segment.

9.     Guided Image

a.     Not used:  requires top navigation which is disabled.  Students can only go backwards and forwards.

10.  Glossary

a.     Click a term on the left to view the definition on the right.

b.    Click the letter of the alphabet (top of the screen) to display words beginning with that letter.

c.     Redisplay the entire list by clicking the Clear Results button.

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