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Ben Riller

Refer you to my comments here:


For both vision and design reasons, very many people, particularly i the design and authoring spheres)  have been using dpi settings higher than 96 for many years. Using 96 on a monitor larger than 15-in becomes uncomfortable and well-nigh impossible on anything larger than 17. IEven 125 is getting pretty low for today's monitor resolutions and I know people using 150+. I myself use133 by preference on my 17-in. I refuse to be forced to change dpi just to suit on vendor, so I'm forced to keep a 15 laptop on hand, just to ensure the integrity of my QuizMaker and Engage components (with all the palaver of transferring filesback and forth that that entails).

(Incidentally, I suspect that many undiagnosed problems are down to this dpi issue, easy to diagnose where the enquirer includes a grab showing the distorted interface (such as in this thread) but not always suspected where not.)

Definitely needs an overdue fix, this.

 for visual rea