Engage slides in Articulate ipad player

Jul 26, 2012

So I found out the wrong way that engage slides do not play on articulate ipad player. Since engage swf files are in  actionscript 2.0 and the player needs swf files in actionscript 3.0, is there a workaround?

Can I convert swf 2.0 to swf 3.0?

Have you encountered this problem while working on your project? What did you do to solve it?

The only solution which I can think of is creating flash files in storyline instead of engage. But that will be messy, since we have readymade templates in engage and creating similar slides in storyline is time consuming.

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Simon Walker

My understanding is that the iPad player will not accept any .swf files imported into Storyline.  I have tried a test with various imported media, and the only screen that does not work is the .swf file.

On a related topic, is the base Glossary available in Storyline the only way to create a glossary directly in the program?  I can import an Engage Glossary which is so much better (multiple media imports for example) and could, presumably, have the slide as a Lightbox, but it seems a backward step from Studio

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