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Dec 19, 2011

Does anyone else come across this or am I just the lucky one that this type of stuff happens to .

The interaction seems to work fine if the user only clicks on the words listed to the left under "Select a term" but if the user decides to click on one of the letters from up above then a button appears under the text to the left that states "Showing: N" or whatever the letter is that the learner selects. I would prefer to not lock down the module just so the learner can choose what they would like to read about but I can if that is the only option available.

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Adam Truckenmiller

Hi Ron,

No I would like to be able to keep the filters, what I'm asking if anyone seems to have the same problem that I am coming across when clicking on the letters up above. (see image below) If the learner, for example clicks on the letter "N" a button appears under the text "SHOWING: N" where as when all of the words are shown to the left and the user just clicks on the words there, there isn't an issue with a button appearing (as shown with the red box).

Does anyone else come across this issue? I would like to keep the setting where people can select the letters instead of just the words but if there is no work around I guess I control that.

Adam Truckenmiller

I don't believe it has to do with the DPI because doesn't that have to do strictly with Presenter? This issue that I am having even occurs just when previewing the Engage Interaction as a standalone but if it is possibly the DPI, how do I check the DPI of my text in the engage interaction? As for the font, this is what I have. Could it be a font issue?

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