Header Navigation button color not consistent

Apr 15, 2011

Hi - I created a new color scheme for Engage interactions, which uses red for the navigation buttons in the header area. I applied that color scheme to all my interactions. It worked just fine EXCEPT that the nav buttons in the timeline interactions (which have the nav buttons below the header) are not showing up in red. I looked to see if this color needs to be controlled separately for the Timeline, but didn't find anything. Any ideas?

P.S. I just figured this out, but seems like I need to create a DIFFERENT color scheme for the Timeline interactions. What happens is that in the Buttons section of the Color Scheme, the Header Normal and Header Hover colors are NOT used for the Timeline header. Instead, you need to change the Navigation Normal and Navigation Hover colors (which are used for the buttons in Tabs interaction) to what you want the Header navigation buttons to be. So bottom line is that I need a separate color scheme for timelines - correct? Thanks!

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