How to display an SWF in full size in Engage '13 ?

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in Engage '09 it was possible to add a SWF into Engage interaction with the Full size option viewing. So the video was played when the user clicks the play button on the video thumbnail (see image).

In Engage '13 it seems to be impossible to do that. My SWF cannot be viewed in full size but only in embedded mode. I am unable to find any option to do that. I can only change the size of the video but it is not enough for my needs. I need to see the SWF in full size.

Is it a bug or a lack in the '13 version ?

Any idea to solve this issue ?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Eric!

Yes, in 09 there was a feature to display it in a new window, which I no longer see as a part of Engage 13, and the properties that you can adjust for a SWF file are indicated here. Depending on the type of interaction your using, the maximum dimensions for media are outlined here.

If you would like to submit a feature request, you are welcome to do so here.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Eric!

File hyperlinks are not supported in Engage '13.

Articulate Engage '13 lets you hyperlink to:

  • Other steps in the same interaction
  • Web pages
  • Email addresses

To hyperlink to a file, upload it to a web server, then link to the file's URL. (Free file storage is offered by many online services, such as Amazon, Dropbox,Microsoft, and Google.)

We also welcome your feature requests.

I am not sure what you are referring to when you ask about publishing with all external files?

Ricky Nox

Hi Lesly,

so, I unerstand that unfortunatly this is another "lost feature" in Studio '13 compare to older Studio '09 where it was possible to add link to external files.

For the last point, my question was about the external files you link to. For example if you link to a file in your local computer, the file must be copied somewhere to the published folder to be delivered.

But the question is obsolete if Studio '13 is unable to link to a file...

Re-install Studio '09 seems to be the solution