How to link audio to an image


I would like to know how to add audio to an image without opening up a seperate window.

Currently I can only figure out how to add an image, hyperlink to an audio file and then this opens up a wma file in a new window - this isn't ideal.

I would like two images on my screen - each containing a sound bit of audio which just plays when clicked.

 i.e Click on person one hear some audio, click on person two hear another set of audio.

Can this be achieved?



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Rachel Nickson

Hi Peter,

Thank you for that, but I'm still not sure what I'm doing with the action settings of my images - when I assign a actions (hyperlink) to the action it doesn't copy through when I publish.

I'm also getting stuck with trying to get 'out' of the loop of jumping slides!!

Basically, I want slide 11 to have two links on it - one to slide 12 and the other to slide 13. Then I want slide 12 to link to slide 13 and then I want slide 13 to jump to slide 14.

Would I acheive this through the branching options on the slide design?

Sorry to come back again!!

Dwayne Schamp

Have you considered using Flash for the click/audio? Mind you, you can only have one flash object on a page, but, you could use that in conjunction with a Web Object page, thereby allowing you to add multiple flash objects with audio to one page.

If you do use the Flash route:

  1. if you only use one flash piece imported, make sure you use AS2
  2. If you use the Web Object method, which again will allow you to use more than one flash object on the page, you can use AS3. This method will not allow you to have anything else on the page except the web object though.