I DO love Engage

Feb 26, 2013

Why do I love Engage?

I've been a user of Storyline since it was released, so I really know what can be done now with this amazing tool.

But I also have to say that Engage interactions are really worth it in many situations. 

These are the reasons why I DO love Engage:

  • It's really quick. We're talking here about rapid-learning, and nothing is quicker for me than creating a new Engage interation and adding content there.
  • It's smart and flexible: it gives a professional image, you can set a range of colors of your preference, type of texts, and the very kind of interaction you may want to use.
  • It's interactive: the user has the feeling that his/her collaboration is needed to continue seeing the contents. No matter what interaction you choose, it's enough interactive to be engaging (as the name of the product tells).

So when I want to build interactions in low-budget projects, or courses that deliver information more than seek an improvement of performance, I use Engage interaction -I even combine them with SL.

 Do you agree? How's your experience with Engage?

Belen Casado

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