Creating one course storyboard that includes all engage content

I have recently begun using Engage, and I LOVE how easy it is to use and the fun interactions I can create!  I just finished my first course with Engage interactions, and I was very disappointed that when I created a Storyboard for the course, the content of the interactions didn't publish --just the first page of the interaction.  I have SME's that really like to review "paper" copies of courses.  I know that I can go into each interaction and create a storyboard for each one, but is there any way that I can streamline this and print the content of the Presenter slides and the content of all Engage layers in one document? 

Thanks for your help!


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Lori Phillips

Phil, thanks for your quick response, even if it wasn't the response I wanted to hear!  LOL.  Just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing an easier way to create a storyboard that integrates ALL of the course content.  I've always created separate storyboards for the quiz questions, but it's tough to present the interaction storyboards separately because they are integral content within the course.  Thanks again for your quick response.  Now I can stop hitting my head against the wall and just go with creating separate storyboards and then putting them together.