Inverting the pyramid

Dec 12, 2012

I want the pyramid interaction upside down (base at the top, point at the bottom). Is this possible?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Elizabeth! Bruce is right, there isn't currently an option to flip the orientation of the pyramid... but one thing you might consider is using a Labeled Graphic interaction instead, and use your own homemade pyramid image as the graphic. Click this for an example:

Published example | Engage source file

To make this interaction, I first created my own pyramid layers and the white arrows by using the shape tools in PowerPoint. Then I took a screengrab of the PowerPoint slide and saved it as a PNG. I used that PNG as the basis of a Labeled Graphic, and I just positioned the red markers at the end of the white arrows.

If you'd like to see the PowerPoint slide that I used as my "canvas" for drawing the pyramid, you can get it here.

Maybe this will give you some ideas for doing something similar for your own pyramid? Hope it helps!

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