Keystrokes for Navigation in Engage

Does anyone know the keystrokes or steps to get focus for Articulate Engage items?  I created a timeline and published it for the web, but cannot get focus using the keyboard to play the content.  I am creating content for an online course that has to meet Section 508 guidelines and need to have this work for students using screen readers or navigating without a mouse.

The VPAT for Articulate Studio states:

When software is designed to run on a system When software is designed to run on a system that has a keyboard, product functions shall be executable from a keyboard where the function itself or the result of performing a function can be discerned textually. It also states that output is accessible using a keyboard as an input device.

Thank you for any suggestions or tips!

Jennifer Jones

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer and welcome to Heroes! 

There is some additional information on how each of our products are 508 compliant included below. I included the links for Engage and Presenter.

There are certain things you can do to make your published output meet 508 compliance. For example: 

1) Ensure that keyboard shortcuts are activated. Directions here.

2) Use presenter notes or a script to launch in a new window 

3) Our software meet certain parts of Section 508 compliance: 
Presenter '09
Engage '09
...but are not JAWS reader compatible. 
You can also create alternate versions of your content that is accessible by following the methods described in this blog article

Note: This article provides guidance on how to create a Section 508 compliant course. However, full compliance of Section 508 will vary by organization. Thus, additional steps beyond what this article provides may be necessary (e.g., accounting for video captioning, interactive scenarios, etc.).

Please let us know if you need anything else! 

Joyce Hensen

Hi - This is a really old string, but I'm hoping for a solution.

I'm currently using SL360 with an Engage interaction embedded. I've determined that users can use tab to get from item to item, and the space bar to move to open content for the items. What I can't figure out is how to let them exit the Engage interaction and move on to the next slide in the course. When tabbing through the Engage interaction, the "next" button on the player never appears. I tried added a next button to the slide itself (appears on top of the Engage) but I'm not able to navigate to that button either.

Also of note: if they hit "enter" while in Engage, the interaction goes away and cannot be accessed.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Joyce!

The "Next" button should still appear on the player even when using Engage interactions. Can you check the Slide Properties to make sure the Next button is set to appear on the slide?

I've added a sample project to this reply that includes an Engage interaction in a Storyline 360 course. Can you let me know if you can move through the slide using keyboard-only navigation?


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for your patience as we looked into this, Joyce.

I was able to recreate the behavior that you may be seeing, but I'm also able to avoid it.

Peek 360 video may better explain this. It looks like the ability to Skip Player Navigation is what is causing the behavior you are experiencing.

  • What Engage interaction are you using?
  • Would you be able to create your Engage interaction in Storyline directly? 
Joyce Hensen

Thanks for getting back to me. It's good to feel validated!

I'm using the FAQ engage interaction. I originally built it in a previous version in 2017, but it's been updated to Engage 360 in this file. Is your suggestion to delete my current Engage 360 file and build it again? Or to abandon engage and build something new in SL? When I view my published file, I am not able to get to the next button on the player at all. And, pressing enter clears the screen (goes to a white screen) from which no actions are possible. Only tab and space work, but neither gets to the next button, even after completing the full interaction.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Joyce!

Since we see the same issues on our end within similar Engage 360 interactions, we'd recommend building this content in Storyline 360.

We have an article that explains how to create tabs interactions in Storyline 360. Here's the link.

I've created a report that includes your comments to share what you see in Engage 360 with our team. I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us.