Linking Articulate Engage assets to Storyline

Jun 02, 2017

I'm testing Articulate Engage and created an "accordion" in Articulate Engage that saves as a .intr file. I want to import this asset into a Storyline 360 screen. How can I do this?

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Robert Schiedler

Thanks Ashley. Sorry about the simple question. I've now created several assets using Engage 360 including a 4-panel Accordion, a Media Panel, a Conversation, and a Guided Slide. After importing them into Storyline 360, the Media panel works as expected. The other three assets have issues relating to the Forward/Back buttons, which I've enabled, removed, etc.

The Conversation and Guided Slide show the "Prev" and "Next" buttons from the Player, but the buttons are inoperative. That means there's no way to navigate through the Conversation or Guided Slide. I have tried launching these assets to a browser window but get the same results there.

The Accordion only shows the Introduction panel when its slide is initially displayed.  Then, I can click the other panels but have no way to review the Introduction slide. When I return to the slide containing the Accordion it displays the last state of the interaction instead of resetting. I've tried setting the slide Properties to "Reset to initial state" when revisiting with no change to the functionality.

Engage 360 will be a great tool once I understand how to make these assets function properly. Please let me know if you can offer any more tips to resolve the above issues.


Robert Schiedler

After playing with the programming I realized the triggers that are automatically generated with each asset are for the Forward and Back buttons. I had been deleting them because our template already has navigation buttons. So, the attached file now includes buttons so you can successfully operate the two assets (Guided Image and Conversation). However, I still have not figured out how to get these slides to reset to their initial state and would really appreciate your help for doing that. When a student returns to these screens we will want them to reset.

Robert Schiedler

That's really unfortunate. If you have a bug list I highly recommend adding the "reset upon re-entry" functionality as a choice for assets generated within Engage, especially those that contain "Introduction" pages where the developer will place instructions or set up a story that gives meaning to the following screens within the asset.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob,

Reset upon reentry to the entire course would be controlled by the Resume function that you can turn on for Engage and Storyline. The resetting of the slide is the slide property setting. 

Also just an fyi, that looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email! No worries, this Peek video will show you how to remove it. 

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