linking into a 'submodule'

A customer has a glossary (well, a little more content than just a glossary, but for the sake of the post...a glossary).

I imagine it would be fairly simple to have a specific word 'hot-link' to a term in that if the the word is clicked, the glossary term appears.

I read:

which seems cool but didn't specifically address the hotlink need (or did I miss it?) first, any thoughts on how to do that? Happy to read a FAQ/etc as I assume this is a fairly repeated question.

However, then the need expands. The customer would like not only random content to link to the glossary terms, but quiz feedback. Would that be possible? It seems less-so since quiz feedback is more wizard-driven...right?

Then to go even further, the customer would like some hotlinks to open a RANGE of the say the user clicks the letter 'M' ... the glossary would then open showing only terms that start with M!

Anyone have any insights to the best approaches for something like that?!


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