Multiple Player Templates

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is a way of using multiple player templates within a single engage interaction. For example:

"I have just opened a new engage interaction, the first step contains one single image so I initially use the "Tabs" template. However, step 2 will then contain 2 images. So the best template I would like to use for this would be the "Tabbed Image" template."

So in essence, I would like to open a new engage interaction and use multiple templates within the same interaction because my steps have varying amounts of images per step.

At the moment I create a picture in picture format effect which is not ideal because it takes up too much real estate on the screen.

Is this possible?


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Jamie C

Hi Leslie,

Apologies for my poor explanation. I want to be able to change templates for different steps within 1 engage interaction. So, if I open a new Engage interaction with 10 steps, I want to change the template for each step if that is possible?

Let me know if that makes sense

Thank you for informing me of the above. I was not aware of this and will definitely find it useful and can think of scenarios where this would be of benefit.



Brian Hearn

Can you clarify a little further about using only one template per interaction. For example, I have a presentation followed by a quiz. Can I have a template for the Presenter Player and then it changes to a template for the Quizmaker? This would be a good visual cue to users that they've moved from the presentation to the quiz.