Problem With Engage 360 Hyperlink

May 01, 2017

Hello all,

When I copy and paste hyperlinked text in Engage 360 the pasted link is inoperable. It's still blue w/ an underline but doesn't otherwise act like a link. When I go into the Hyperlink icon on the ribbon bar, I get an immediate error report pop-up and can never get in to see it.

Anyone have any suggestions? (I can certainly hand link all the copies but I would rather not.)




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Allen,

Thanks for letting us know what's going on. I tested this in a new Engage 360 Accordion interaction, and I saw the same thing you're describing. I also saw this in a few other interaction types, so it doesn't look like this is unique to the Accordion.  I'll bring this to my team, and we'll determine some next steps. 

From here, I'll file a report for this issue, and I'll be sure to add this thread to that report. That way, as soon as we have an update, you'll be notified. 

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention, and I'm sorry if this has been giving you headaches!

Alyssa Gomez

Hm, I'm seeing that on my end, as well. That definitely could be related to the issue you found earlier. I'll be sure to bring this back to my team.

In the meantime, I did find a workaround that should help until we have a fix in place:

  • Insert a space after the text before inserting the hyperlink.
  • Starting from the left, highlight the text to be hyperlinked. Be careful not to include the space.
  • Use the Insert Hyperlink button to add a hyperlink.
  • Continue typing after the space.

Take a Peek at this quick demonstration to see those steps in action.

Thanks again for sharing your findings with me. I'll add this to the report!

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