Published Engage File not reporting automatically to LMS

May 09, 2012

I published an Engage interaction as a stand alone piece in a course I have. I have the LMS course locked down so that the users cannot take the LMS built exam until after the Engage interaction has been completed. I set all the properties in the Engage interaction to:

Scorm 1.2 (Scorm 2004 didn't work for me at all)


once Viewed 10 of 12

Seems like when the person gets to the 11th one, the status on my course should change from unkown (they use an orange check mark) to known (which would be a green check mark).

If I go through the engage file and click 10 things, THEN click on the title of the item in the course layout, it will complete the item but not automatically. It is like I have to force a "refresh" of some sort for the LMS to recognize it.

Their help desk can't help me because they said it is the file's settings, not the LMS settings that are creating this issue since it obviously pushes the completiong, but only after an extra step (that many people are not doing and then getting mad because the exam won't open up for them).

I COULD unlock the exam, but don't really want to because then people would take the exam and skip the content.

Does anyone know why this may be happening and if I can change some settings somehow? Thanks!

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Gina Hoekstra

That must be the problem then. I am used to Captivate which pushes all throughout the course, so I expected as soon as they have met the requirement (even if they are still in the course) then it should be setting it as complete. This stinks, becasue now I can't use the LMS easy function of locked navigation. I HAVE to set up conditional navigation which is a pain in the rear!! lol!!! Thanks for your help!

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