Publishing or exporting for use in Flash?


Is there a way I can use my interaction in a Flash course? I'm creating something that's going into a new course, but it's also going into an older one, created in Flash. I'd like to avoid having to do it twice :-)

 By the way, I cannot find a Search option on the E-Learning Heroes page. I had wanted to search first, before posting my question. I'm  having a hard time believing that this function does not exist, given this community! Can you tell me where it is?

I'm attaching a screenshot, just in the event that it's been supressed somehow by our internal security, or because it's staring me in the face (which would really be embarassing)!!




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Janet Bernhards

Leslie, thank you.

I figured out my issue with Search. It really only occurred to me as I was
typing my original post-I should have checked it first. It was a security
issue. Once I disconnected from our VPN, the magnifying glass showed up.
That's really odd. Obviously though, there's something in that search
function our security people don't like.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janet,

Thanks for the update and I'm glad you were able to find it - I can't imagine what they don't like about it, but I'm also not a security expert or programmer. :-)  You can also search via Google by beginning the search with:   or and then your search terms.