Saving Engage Interactions

Hi everyone and thanks in advance for all of your help. Here is the issue:

I am working with Studio 13. I have a presentation with several Engage Interactions. The interactions are stored in the same local folder as the ppta and pptx files. When I edit an interaction from within Presenter (Open the pptx>Articulate>Edit in Engage) , the changes get saved in the ppta file, but the individual Interaction files that are in the same folder do not get updated. If I go the other way and open the separate Interaction File directly in Engage, then I don't see the changes in Presenter. How does this relationship work between the separate Interaction files in the folder and the embedded files in the ppta?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sheldon,

This article describes how the elements are stored and connected.  You may also want to read the information here about the PPTA file and what role that plays.  

If all the items have been in the same folder, stored locally - they should still be linked. But moving one and then moving it back may have severed that link - and there isn't a way to relink it so you'd have to insert the Engage interaction as a new interaction.