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Dec 23, 2011

Is there a way to include images in the step text box.  I don't want to use the add media function - I want to add pictures next to the text in the text box.

Any help, guidance is appreciated!

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Karen,

Currently the only way to add images or movies to the stairstep interaction is via the Add Media button, and the images/movies will always appear in the callout box to the side of the stairs. You can go into Interaction Properties and change the orientation of the media so that it appears at the top or bottom of the callout box, but it's really not possible to move it to the actual stairstep graphic itself  Feature requests are welcome though!

In the meantime, I wonder if a different interaction would work better for you? One idea might be to use a Guided Image interaction instead, because that would allow you to create your own stairstep graphic and put pictures directly on the steps. Below is a really simple example of what that could look like. I just created a simple stairstep graphic in PowerPoint, exported it as a PNG, and then used that PNG as the image in a Guided Image interaction. Would something like this work for what you have in mind?

Jeanette Brooks

Absolutely! The file's attached, and here are the steps I used I to create the graphic:

  1. Drew a rectangle in PowerPoint.
  2. On the Format tab, clicked the little arrow in the lower-right Shape Styles section of the ribbon, which pulls up the Format Shape window.
  3. Adjusted the 3-D Format options so that the Bevel Top fields were Width 6pt and Height 78pt.
  4. Adjusted the 3-D Rotation options so that they were X:58, Y:291, and Z:302.4.
  5. Added the text & the little image.
  6. Selected everything and hit Ctrl-G to group the objects.
  7. Right-clicked the group and chose Save As Picture, and selected the PNG format.

I hope that helps! Just let us know if you need clarification or further info!

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