Video Screen Capture

Hi All

I am looking for some advice on what Video Screen/Capture/Recording software is out there to use...  If I explain what I am looking for hopefully someone can help.

  • We are looking for free software (we have no budget for the work we do)
  • It needs to be able to record video (i.e. not having to take individual images) as we are recording parts of a training session
  • I will need the ability to add annotations and remove any errors that happened in recording

I have tried to use ScreenR, however due to our IT Tech department we are unable to run that due to issues with the version of Flash installed on our computers (we don't have the ability to download the latest version).

Any help would be great.

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Brian Dusablon

Do you have or plan to buy Storyline? It has screen recording built in.

As for free, there isn't much that can be used in a corporate environment (Legal or IT will block, in most cases).

Snag-It and Camtasia from TechSmith are two more options, but neither is free.

I use Screenr for quick tutorials, and pro tools for anything I need to annotate or edit.