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Dec 10, 2013


The training module I'm working on will include a large number of videos.  It seems to me that the only available option is "Media Tour" if I want my videos to be an acceptable size.  The video shows up as only approximately 1/4 of the screen in all other interactions, which is way too small. 

The problem with "Media Tour" is that the caption on the bottom does not allow for much text without the trainee having to scroll down to read the entire caption. 

Are there any other options to include a full screen video besides Media Tour?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Julie,

Different interactions will have different size limits for videos. This is by design, to keep the media in place for that specific interaction. 

For example, the Accordion interaction's max is 412 by 309

A Process interaction's max is 466 by 349.

The Media Panel interaction is probably the best choice for videos, but you're correct - if there's a lot of content in the caption, users will need to scroll through the information. 

The Process interaction might work well for you. As I mentioned, the size for that interaction is a little larger than some interactions. Not only that, but you can insert text in the slide and you can format the text if you've got quite a bit. 

If that doesn't work, have you considered building something in Quizmaker? You can insert video in Quizmaker on the slide level, so you have the option to fill the entire slide with the video if you'd like. You can customize your text as well. 

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