voice over transcript using Studio 360

I am test-drive a few SCORM authoring tools for my organization.  I am ok with what I see so far in Studio 360 (Presenter & Quizmaker) and would like to add voice to the Powerpoint slides using Engage.  Apparently, Narration in Engage implies I have to read the script I write and record it or import the recording made by someone else.  Is it possible to have voice over script like what is available for Storyline?

I prefer not to use Storyline for my course materials because the trigger functions in Result slide are more chaotic than in Presenter and often jump to wrong places.  Beside there are other issues with importing animations from Powerpoint that Presenter did not have.

Suggestions & advices?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello KC!

That is correct. Recording narration in Presenter 360 includes reading a script, or you can import the audio separately. I'm interested to hear what other community members suggest as a workaround.

I also wanted to share that if you're noticing issues with trigger functions in Storyline 360, we'll be happy to troubleshoot that with you. You can share the .story file with us, and we'll look into what might be getting in the way. You can upload it privately in a support case.

KC Chou

Thank you for your response. I was on vacation for the last 10 days.
When I use Storyline, I can do text to speech very easily. My challenge now are:

1. feedback master and the layer design actually shows up on the quiz question feedback properly.
2. Quizzes - when I revisited the quiz, the quiz question was not refreshed. Also, if I use the trigger to send the users back to the course materials, the quiz is also not refreshed when the user return to the quiz afterwards.

Becca Levan

Great call on submitting a support case, KC! I see you are working with my teammate John. I've linked this discussion and your post here to your case, so we have everything connected!

P.S. I wanted to let you know your email signature came through when you replied by email. You can remove that if needed by clicking the Edit button on your post. Here's a demo!