Changing text from the Feedback Master

Hi there,

I am fairly new to Storyline and trying to work out how or if you can change the feedback master text to appear on all question slides. I am able to apply the layout from the feedback master slide for correct and incorrect - images, video etc but not the text. Do I have to enter the text on each slide layer individually?Can someone help me please?

Prana Dasa

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Prana Dasa

Hi Mr C and Ashley, thanks for response.

I seemed to have stumbled upon a solution to my issue back then but now I am facing the same problem and can't figure it out.

I want to use a feedback master with specific text, it has diacritics on it. I get the formatting and everything else except the text. 

I am attaching a sample of what I mean. You can see in the feedback master the text is in transliteration Sanskrit and in the slide feedback it is generic placeholder text. I've tried everything.

What am I doing wrong?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Prana.  Thanks for sharing your file!  There are two things happening here, and one of them is out of your control.

The first issue is that when you customize a feedback layer, the default feedback layer text and Continue button is continuing to show.  This happens whenever there is text in the feedback section of Form View.  We are treating this as a bug currently, and here's how to work around it:

  • Delete the text in the feedback section of Form View.
  • Switch to Slide View, and you'll see your feedback layers are gone.  Create a Correct and an Incorrect feedback layer, and apply your custom layout.

The second issue is that on your custom feedback layout, you are using text placeholders rather than text boxes.  The difference is that a text placeholder on a layout will show up as an empty text box when used on an actual slide.  It is meant just to be a container for any text you specifically enter on the slide.  It will either remain blank or take the text from Form View feedback.

To create text that will show up on every slide that uses your layout, delete the placeholders and insert a text box onto your layout.  Whatever you type into the layout's text box will appear on every slide that uses the layout.  You cannot edit it on individual slides because it is a part of the layout.

Let me know if this helps!

KC Chou

Very disappointed on the Master Feedback layers :-(  I figure out how to trick the system on the customized feedback text by using the hide option.  Deleting the placeholder is not a good idea.  Do I need to do the same thing to the feedback title place holders too?  The font that I changed in the button textbox didn't come through for my try again layer but fine for the correct and incorrect layer.  I am constantly facing a random event - sometimes it works, sometimes, it doesn't.  Not very encouraging when I am still assessing whether I should recommend this SCORM authoring tool to my organization.