Articulate publishing/LMS question

Mar 26, 2012

Hi everyone.  I'm a content developer with a client who wants some information about course publishing.  This is outside my area of expertise, but if they're willing to pay me, I'm willing to do the research.   I will be creating a course for the client in Articulate, and they want a final quiz to prove that their people took the course and received a passing grade.  The client wants to know her options for this.  My experience has only been with Articulate Online and SumTotal.  I have written courses that were made available through Moodle but I wasn't involved in that process.  So far, here are the options as I know them to give to the client:

1) Go through Articulate Online and let someone else do all the work for around $200/mo.

2) Use Moodle and a hosting site like ClassroomRevolution, which will run around $800/yr, plus the cost of having someone do the work of uploading it, etc.

3) Use a company like SumTotal.  I have no idea the cost but I assume it costs at least as much as Articulate Online and provides the same functionality.

Are these options correct, and are their other options?  The client has their own website, with a domain name hosted by GoDaddy and a nameserver on  Do people with their own websites use their web servers to host courses?

Sorry to sound so clueless.  I am searching the internet and learning as much as I can as fast as I can, but I thought it might be good to check in here and see what ya'll can tell me.  Thanks!

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