Embeddeing javascript buttons in report.html and showing variables data

Jan 22, 2016


I have created a module (using Articulate '09) that is being taken by different users with two different professional disciplines. I am required to create a unique certificate for each discipline. So I made some changes to the report.html and now it has two JavaScript buttons that each leads to a unique certificate: certificate_1.html and certificate_2.html.

The problem is that this setting works perfectly in Internet Explorer (and Edge), but it does not work in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. In these three browsers, when clicking the buttons (located in the report.html file), I get the images of the certificates but without the variables Data, like the quiz score, user's name, course title and so on. 

If it works as expected in Internet Explorer and the result shows images as well as data, why not Chrome, Firefox and Safari? 

Is there a way to make it work in these browsers as well?  

Thank you.

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