Restricted nav - only view current and previous slides, not quite.

Nov 23, 2011

I'm having a bit of trouble and hope someone can help.  I want to restrict the user so that they can only view current and previous slides, not jump ahead any further than the next slide number.  I have a custom template set up with no nav controls, I am using custom controls. 

my first slide has hyperlinks to slides 5 and 9.  I want the user to only be able to go from slide 1 to slide 2.  But once they have viewed slide 5 following this linear progression, I want them to be able to be able to go back to slide 1 to review the info there, and then jump directly to slide 5 using the hyperlinks on slide 5.  So, my deck may be set up as follows:

Slide 1: info, hyperlinks to 2, 5 & 9

Slide 2: info, hyperlinks to slides 1 and 3

Slide 3: info, hyperlinks to slides 2 and 4

Slide 4: info, hyperlinks to slides 3 and 1

Slide 5: info, hyperlinks to slides 1 and 6

Slide 6: info, hyperlinks to slides 5 and 7

Slide 7: info, hyperlinks to slides 6 and 1

Slide 8: info, hyperlinks to slides 1 and 9

Slide 9: info, hyperlinks to slides 8 and 10

Slide 10: info, hyperlinks to slides 9 and 1

My presenter settings are:

Layout: Slide only view, no side bar

Navigation: restricted - can only view current and prev slides

I have attached simplified example fo what I am trying to do.

Is this type of restriction possible? 

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