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Oct 23, 2013


I've just downloaded a trial version of Studio 13 and I've got a couple of questions as my published course isn't behaving quite as I'd expect. Here's a link to my published course. I've also attached my develop files to this message.

1. Prev and Next buttons on Engage interactions

The Next button on the tabs screen takes the learner through each of the tabs sequentially. I would expect the Next button to take the learner to screen  3, not through each tab. How can I set the navigation so that Next goes to the following screen, allowing the learner to bypass the content of the tabs if they wish?

2. Engage labelled graphic

There is no close button on each of the popup labels, so it's not possible to view the image without at least one label displaying. Is there an option to switch on a close button on the popup labels?

3. Quizmaker Prev and Next buttons

It seems that the learner has to answer the question because the Prev and Next buttons are replaced by a submit button. Is it possible to have both the Submit button and the Prev and Next buttons displaying at the same time before a question is answered to make the question optional?

4. Question reset

Once the question has been answered, if the learner goes to the following screen, then comes back to the question screen, the question can't be answered again because it's locked, showing the previous response. Is there a way of making the question live so that it can be reattempted on revisit?

Many thanks!

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