Suggestions for recording a large excel workbook

Hi.  Thanks in advance for any help.

I need to show learners how to fill a specific excel workbook. I am using Articulate '09.  I know that the video max dimensions are 720 x 540.  However, my excel sheet goes across from A-AS and goes down 1-20.  When I use Camtasia and set it to record 720 x 540, it cannot record the whole width of the Excel sheet.  I need to be able to show the whole width because the way that the excel sheet is configured, when certain amounts are filled in on the left side of the page, amounts appear on the left side of the page.  When I try to shrink the excel page down and then record it, it comes our fuzzy and too small to be in Articulate.  Because of our standards, I cannot set the video to open in a new window.  I also am not allowed to have anything link out of the presentation.  Nothing can be stored separately on a server and I am not allowed to link to something that requires the learner to use the internet.

Once this movie is made, audio will be added to dictate instructions on how to use the excel sheet and explain what is going on. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fit the entire excel sheet on one screen, create a video displaying the whole sheet, and also add audio to explain how to use the sheet?  Panning over in sections looks like it will make the learner dizzy.

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