A dialog box cannot be accessed in background, program can't close

Nov 28, 2013

I don't know if this is a powerpoint or quizmaker issue.  If I use quizmaker to create a quiz from within a powerpoint presentation, sometimes the powerpoint application freezes... but not like a normal windows freeze, but a dialog-box-is-open-and-you-need-to-close-it-before-doing-anything-else kind of freeze.

But you can't see the quizmaker dialog box... you can alt-tab all you want or click on the program bar at the bottom of windows seven but you can't even SEE the quizmaker dialog box until you click on the thumbnail of the powerpoint at the bottom and HOLD DOWN THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.  Now you can see the little rascal... but you can't get TO the dialog box to close it and thus you have to KILL the application using the task manager.  I have a screen shot of this I"d like to poast doesn't seem to be an option here when creating a post.

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Jim Powell

Okay, I can post a screen shot in the reply.  Hmmn, maybe you need an enhancement, it would be nice to post a screen shot with the [collapse]original message.

I just notice in the screen grab I say that "I can grab the ..."

should be "can't" there's no way for me to get to that dialog box where the word "close" is highlighted...

and if I try and close powerpoint it justs dings each time I try to close the window or access the menu.  Thanks everyone hopefully someone will know how to deal with this. Powerpoint 2010, 32 bit. Studio 13

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jim,

Sorry for the delay and the trouble you've had with this.

You mentioned you're having this with another application as well. I'm just curious - is this happening with another Office product, by any chance? Or is this happening with another Articulate product - Engage, etc.?

It may help to repair Office or Studio, if you haven't tried already. 

How to Repair Articulate Studio '09

How to Repair Articulate Studio '13

Let me know if you see any improvement.


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