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Apr 27, 2015

Hello! I'm a new user here (haven't acquired Studio yet) and couldn't find any FAQs, so I hope it's ok to ask some questions in this thread before buying the product.

Ok, here we go, specifically:

1. I need to make a multiple choice quiz, with about 70 questions, and present it online on a personal website. The idea is for it to be kind of a simulation of a college exam. Further on, I intend to create several quizzes, having one for each subject.

2. Can I add sound effects (or more than one, randomly coming) as soon as the student confirms the answer and gets it correct/wrong?

3. Also, is it possible for the student to answer some of the quiz, quit it and not lose their progress (especially it being online)? Maybe by adding the option to log into a personal profile, I don't know... is there a way (at least close to it)?

4. And again, it's essential: it has to be available on a website. Not for download, but for actual using.


Apprecciate the patience and cooperation.


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Phil Mayor

Quizmaker will build multiple choice quizzes and these can be hosted on a website with no problems, if you need the result of the quiz you would need an LMS

Sound effects can be added easily and can be different for correct and incorrect.

Without using an LMS the user can leave and resume only if the use the same machine, if you want the results you will need an LMS or something like learn dash with an LRS

Hope this helps

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