Adding audio to choices in a multiple choice Quizmaker 360 quiz

Aug 06, 2020

I am putting together a Quizmaker quiz with multiple choice questions and I want to attach an audio file / use audio file for each choice in addition to text. I am only seeing how you can add audio to the overall question. Can you do this with Quizmaker? I know Engage has this type of interaction, but I want a graded question. Please advise.

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Katie Riggio

Happy Monday, Kara!

Is there a way to assign audio to answer choices in Quizmaker? 

Currently, there isn't a way to trigger sound based on what learners select in Quizmaker. You could, however, individualize feedback options based on learners' choices:

One idea is to set the feedback to By Choice and for each choice and record audio. Keep in mind that the media won't play until learners submit an answer.

Since you have Articulate 360, another approach is to create the quiz in Storyline 360. That way, you can set triggers to play the applicable media audio when learners complete an action:

Check out this video demo to see both thoughts in action 🎥

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