Adding More than 10 Options/Answers

Mar 29, 2011

I am wondering if it is possible to add more than 10 possible Options/Answers to the Survey: Pick One Question.  I have to have 13 possibilities.  I know how to code (kind of well) so if it is something I can add after its published (sorry to say I haven't looked at that yet) then that could be a possibility.  Thank you in advance.


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Jeff Sale

Here is another way to do it Laura, but I didn't program the Triggers to show the wrong layer. But its another option you sort of get the picture hopefully this helps. 

I just realized I posted a storyboard answer to a Quizmaker question. Sorry about that but I will leave it here in case anyone stumbles across it and it can help them. I do not have Studio installed on this system though.  

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Laura,

Which Pick Many quiz are you using? I believe the limit you're seeing is for the "Survey" version, is that right? It does look like the max for that style is 10. However, have you considered using the Freeform version? I just tried this out and I've been able to add 15 options (I didn't try going past that amount). It may not be exactly what you're wanting to do, but it may be a good alternative!

Laura Payette

Christine, I was indeed using the Survey version; I'm testing the freeform version now. It's more cumbersome to format, but I think it will work. I have a question, though: For the purpose of pulling results from our LMS, will it matter that the other questions in my question bank are survey questions but this one won't be? I don't think so, but I want to make sure.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Laura,

I don't believe it will cause an issue with the LMS, but it may be best to just create a very simple version and test it out.

Right, it will take more time to create it, but in a way, that may be a good thing, if you want more customized content and more options for the learner. Again, though, I would suggest just making a very small example and testing it out on the LMS. That way, if you run into issues, you'll know before you spend a lot of time trying to set up the project.

I'm curious to see how it works for you. Please keep us updated

Ron Franks

Ran into the same issue using a multi response to build a matrix type of practice exercise. We have several in Lectora that go up to 3 x 6, 18 distractors. Since there is a 10 distractor limit with the multi response graded question, I wondered if getting all of the checkmarks to show for the correct choices in a freeform/pick many page was possible with checkboxes.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Dorothy, 

Yes, using a freeform quiz slide will still allow you to track the response using a Results Slide, as well as send the response to an LMS. 

Using the freeform slide will allow you to place more than 10 possible answers in the slide, but note that each of the options will have to be added as a single object. 

Hope this helps!