Adding quiz questions to a result feedback slide!

Aug 03, 2015


I have ended my quiz questions and would like to create a result page that gives a graded result. I have used the template that Articulate provides but it does not pick up the video quiz I have imported from E-Learning Heroes. How can I add on the results from the video quiz to the results page?

Hope that made sense!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew, 

You mentioned a video quiz from ELH - does it exist somewhere that we could take a look at how it's set up? You'll want to ensure that the quiz questions are all tracked by the particular results slide, and the user will need to answer the quiz questions before visiting the results slide which is what would be "submitting" the results. 

David Anderson

Hi Andrew!

The easiest way to add trackable quizzes, is to insert your quiz questions as individual slides. Then, you would add a lightbox trigger to each button to load the slides as lightboxes. Check out Montse's video quiz demo for how that works:


The cool thing about loading quiz questions as lightbox slides is that the effect is nearly identical and you can track the questions like any other question slide.

I'll ask Montse if she'll share her file.

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