Answer submission - in Short Answer


Does anyone know if it is possible to enter text onto different lines ie, paragraphing with a Short Answer survey question?  As it stands, hitting the Retur/Enter button on the keyboard submits the answer instead of just moving to a new line.  Is there any way to ensure that only the Submit button submits the answer?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michaela!

This is the expected behavior and the Enter key will submit the response for the Short Answer. You may want to look at utilizing an Essay question if you do not wish to have this behavior.

Here's how Articulate Storyline handles the Enter key in data-entry fields:

* If the data-entry field is tall enough to accommodate more than one line of text, the Enter key will add a line break (return), so the learner can start a new paragraph.
* If the data-entry field is only tall enough for a single line of text, the Enter key will assign the learner's response to the text field's variable. In other words, it'll submit the learner's response.

See this article for more information.