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Mar 21, 2017

Hello, I am having a lot of difficulty with creating a template for quizmaker. Questions I have: 

-Do the content templates include slide formats for anything other than multiple choice? Where do I find them? I would like to create all of the different kinds of questions in the same format. 

-Is it possible to edit/save a template for the different types of questions? 

Anyone's guidance would be appreciated!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Rachael - 

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty getting this set-up. The good news being once you have it, you will save lots of time.

When you find a design that you like in the Content Library and utilize it, the themes and layouts will be added to your project to utilize with any additional content that you add to the project. You can read additional details in this documentation.

You could build out the project as you wish including masters, colors, feedback, etc and save as a template to use.

Allen Way

Sorry to draft on this topic but I too am having trouble w/ templates in QM 360. All I could see was three versions of the multiple choice question type--Flow. So I decided to insert the question anyway in hopes the template would be applied to the others also.

QM showed a download box and I had my multiple choice question in the Flow template. I tried to add a T/F question. Now all I can see are the various templates. The question types are gone.

I looked at the slide master. The only template element added was the little green ribbon in the upper left.

I also scanned my entire computer, local and network drives, for the *.quiztemplate files. There were none.

I've attached a couple pics.

Thank you,


PS. Closing the project and starting a new one did not rid me of the problem w/ the missing question types. I had to exit the program and restart it.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Allen!

I think I understand what you are describing about the missing questions types.

Sounds like you still have a search filter on perhaps. Check out this Peek video for assistance in getting back to those default options.

As you can see in that video, the master slides/layouts are included in my project and can be applied to other slides as needed.

If I have misunderstood, please let me know.

Nina Frankel


I am having the same problem with content library templates in QM360. I'm using Resonate and only see the 3 multiple choice template options. I watched the video but I don't have anything selected in the left column (i.e. Resonate/light/dark). When I click on "apply layout" I still don't see any options for true/false or other quiz question types.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nina!

You can adjust the multiple choice question template to create a True/False or a Multiple Response question.

For example, to create a True/False question, simply remove all but 2 answer choices, and label them as True and False.

What question types were you looking for, specifically? With a bit more detail, I can point you in the right direction!

Nina Frankel

Thanks Alyssa,

That sounds like a brilliant work-around for true/false. But I don't see how it could work for multiple response.
I am also going to want to use other options, like the various matching questions. Is there a way to fix these?

Although this work-around may work, I'd really like to find out why I'm not getting the template options. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I keep getting messages when I try to access the content library that say I am offline. But I am definitely online! It is very frustrating.

But thanks for your suggestion, at least for true/false.

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