Articulate Quizmaker 13 and language conversion.

Nov 12, 2015

I am currently testing a fully functional trial version of ‘Articulate Studio 13 Pro’ which I find very impressive and easy to use. Only one problem: I wish to utilize ‘Articulate Quizmaker 13’ to generate e-learning quizzes in French. I have carefully followed the procedures online to change the Player’s text labels to French. My results are as follows:

1) At first glance the environment is in French, for example the ‘NEXT’ button shows ‘SUIVANT’ which is fine. You can see the substitution in the generated XML file immediately below:

<string products="" id="next">SUIVANT</string>

However, when I voluntarily enter a wrong answer in one question, the ‘Try Again’ button remains in English despite the fact that the same XML file says:

<string products="sl,qm" id="KnownPlayerString.TryAgain">Réessayer</string>

The button should say ‘Réessayer’ for the student to try again (-?).

2) Additionally, I noticed that following the quiz, I get quiz results with percentages. In that particular case, all comments in the results page are still in English (-?).

Question: Are these two issues known problems or is there something else I could attempt to fully control both the action buttons and the quiz results page? - Thank you.

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J.J. Lewis

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the information regarding the results page. Concerning the ‘Try Again’ button, I include a bitmap. As you can see, the background elements are translated in French. It is the button inside the ‘pop-up’ response to the learner’s mistake which remains in English. Is there a way to translate that inner button also? - Thank you.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing that image JJ. I'm not seeing the same issue when I test.

Please be sure that you are utilizing the latest update to Quizmaker '13, which is Update 7. If so, please repair your software to see if the issue is corrected.

You may want to change the language to English and back again to see if that helps.


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