Articulate quizmaker even better ?

Apr 24, 2011


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I’ve been using Articulate Quizmaker for some time now, and I’d like to suggest some updates in order to make the software more user friendly, if you don't mind.

Sorry if that's has already been suggested. Feell free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Here we go :

1/ the numeric questions are not really numeric. I’d like to be able to set random numbers and (simple) equations  in the question. For example :”Price is : x (x being a random number, for example between 100 and 200, the limits being at user's choice), Quantity is : y, (y being a random number for example between 10 and 20)”, the answer being Price * Quantity (an equation). That would be great.

2/ there is no way to change the type of a question afterwards. For example, if you choose “numeric”, and type your question, and then want to change for a “filling the blank” question, you have to use copy and paste to avoid retyping your question. You have to delete the numeric question, and create a “filling the blank” question. Annoying.

3/ if you have say 50 questions in a quiz, and you decide to launch 10 randomly chosen questions each time a user uses the quiz, there is no way to avoid the user to draw the same questions. It would be nice to have a sort of mark to avoid that.

Like this :

1st set of questions (from 1 to 10), marked “1”

2nd set of questions (from 11 to 20), marked “2”


Each time the user launches the quiz, the program should draw  a set of questions, but should store the set number, so that the next time, this set could not be drawn, until the whole quiz has been done.

I know the program stores the place where the quiz has been interrupted by the user, thanks to a cookie on the user's computer. So, I suppose what I'm suggesting could be done.

4/ I’d like to have  “multiple matching” questions. At the moment, you can only match one item with another one. It would be very useful if we could have more than one item to match with another one.

5/ A word bank question is not really different from a multiple choice question (you just have to drag and drop the right item instead of checking the right answer).

It would be much more useful to have more than one placeholder to insert at the right place (like in Ispring quizmaker)

6/ When you're working on a quiz with a lot of questions, each time you modify or just check a question, then save it, the program automatically displays the window with that question placed at the bottom of the screen. Why ?

Let's say you want to review the quiz question by question. You're checking a question which is placed in the list, at the middle of the screen. You double click on the question, and a new window opens, allowing you to modify the question. When you close that window, the program scrolls the main window, so that the question is at the bottom of the screen. If you want to check the following question, you're forced to use the mouse to scroll down each time. Not very handy.

7/ It would be nice to review all questions in slide view mode, one by one. As far as I know, that's not possible. You have to review a question in form view mode first, then switch to slide view. Or did I miss something ?


Sorry for the long post. I’m pleased with Articulate Quizmaker, which is, IMO, the best product available. But it could be even better!

Thank you.



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Ben Riller

It would be nice if sometimes these feature requests actually generated some response and discussion instead of the default response of merely diverting them to the features requests people.

Something like, yes, that's a good idea. We're working on that even as we speak. Well, we'd like to do that but.... Actually, you can do that, by doing such and such... Etcetera. Carpet and sweeping often come to mind.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Ben and welcome to Heroes! Many times when people ask if it's possible to do this or that, the community does come up with some pretty creative solutions. Here's just one member of our team and their dozens of creative workarounds to help our community:


We don't announce in advance features we are working into new products and if there was a way to do what Andre was looking to do, we would have pointed him in the right direction.

Russ Sawchuk

I too would like to see a new and enhanced version of QuizMaker. I currently own licenses to five different quiz software programs. I would prefer to only use one program for development and production of our quizzes. However, at this point in time, not one of them has ALL the features I need.

Although Quiz Maker is by far the most superior of these programs, the competition is not sitting still. The lesser competitive products have some features missing in QM. So my desired features list for the next version of QM includes:

1. Certificate - a one click certificate button on the Results page would be nice. Other programs have it, but with QM we have to hack the code to get it to work.

2. Audio on/off button - for quizzes that contain narration or background music, a button that allows the user to turn the audio on or off is a must.

3. Feedback image - although it is possible to add audio to the feedback in QM, it is not possible to add an image. The workaround is to use branching which creates additional slides and other problems (see 5 below). 

4. Feedback formatting - QM is by far the best quiz software program when it comes to formatting. However, it is not possible, as far as I know, to easily format the feedback, e.g., size and color of font, etc.

5. Question locking/linking – this problem arises for quizzes that use random sampling of questions and branching. It would be useful to be able to lock a question with its branching slides to ensure that all appropriate slides are selected by the random selection process.

6. Quiz tracking options – the main reason why we don't use QM for most of our quizzes is the lack of a simple way to send the results to our database. Yes, there are hacks available, and we have hired a programmer to create the code to do so. However, competitive products make it easier to do so. One new software program I recently acquired allows you to send quiz results to a file on your server and then retreive the results from the program itself. It is very easy to set up, and provides a pretty impressive set of reporting results.

Hopefully, Articulate will consider incorporating some or all of these features in their next version of Quiz Maker. Oh, and by the way, I have already submitted these as feature requests. Thanks.


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