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Ali Goulet

Hi Julie- Welcome to Heroes, thanks for reaching out here! Love the idea to add a personalized touch in this manner. In Storyline 2, this could be accomplished with the use of variables and triggers. However, I'm not sure of a way to set that up in Quizmaker as those features are not available. I'll have to defer to the community for ideas on that. You may also want to reach out in our Building Better Courses forum as it's a fantastic melting pot of great design ideas and tips as well as folks with a wealth of instructional design knowledge and expertise. :)

Giovanna Allegretti

Hi Julie! You can use branches to do that. You're limited in Avatar choice by how long your patience holds out with copy and pasting, but at least you CAN have a choice!

I've made a video for you and uploaded my Quizmaker '13 file as well so you can take a look behind the scenes. Here's the help article I read that gave me the idea. I hope this helps!

Here is the video: https://youtu.be/9uptCEQCNeE