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Hello to all,

Is it possible to have a background track to an entire quiz?  I am using a 2 question quiz to track when people have finished a course and would like a bit of music in the background.  I have added the same track to each slide, but when you change slides, the music starts over.  it's real choppy....

Is that possible?

Many thanks!


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Virginia Wilkinson

Putting playlist on quiz placeholder slide works great - however, does anyone have an idea on how to have the music soften/fade as user moves to next slide?  Since the quiz slide is advanced by user after quiz is completed, I can't fade the music at the end because I have no idea how long each individual will take to complete the test.  Right now music stops in mid-note and this isn't a very pleasant sound.



Jeanette Brooks

Hi Virginia - unfortunately there's not currently a way to gradually fade the music like that. It would make a nice feature request though!

Perhaps a workaround would be to estimate the shortest amount of time you think people might take on the quiz, and then make your music fade at that point. You could use a free tool like Audacity to apply the fade to the sound clip before you insert it in your course. With this approach, worst case would be that the music fades out before the user is done, but if the fade is gradual, that shouldn't feel too weird.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Sherlyn!

I see that you posted here too. I answered your question over there so I'll attach my response to this post as well. You can reply to this discussion if you need anything!

Hi Sherlyn!

Yes, that's possible! As Wendy said, you could delete the audio from the results slide. Or you could silence the audio on the results slide. This is how you would silence the audio:

Sherlyn Lee

Hi Lauren, thank you so much for your prompt reply! I'm creating "A Minute to Win It" quiz questions. Thus, i want the background music to stop only when the learner completes the quiz and goes to Success/Fail result slide. I have placed the background music at the placeholder quiz slide (as attached). i can only edit the audio in the ppt placeholder slide, not in the quizmaker - result slide. or did i insert the audio at the wrong place? i have attached my file, appreciate if you could help to take a look.