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May 05, 2011

I'm putting together a course and I want one of my quizzes to allow the user to click on a level of a bar graph to indicate their response, and then after they do, the correct "bar" will light up.

I was thinking of doing this in Presenter by linking the entire blank bar to the correct bar so that when the user clicked on the blank bar at any point I could have the correct bar appear, but I thought maybe there was a way to do it using Quizmaker.

Any ideas?

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Frances Steinberg

Thanks for your answer,Dave.  The problem with that format is there are a lot of drugs I want them to see on a single page as a comparison and it loses the shock value of the correct height popping up.

I want them to actually choose a point up the bar and then have the correct level emerge as the answer.  Your response gives me the idea though that the answer circles could go up each bar and when they chose the height they thought was correct, the answer would be the correct height of the bar with some dialogue next to it.  I've attached a picture of what it could look like.

I haven't used Quizmaker much, however, and I don't know if I could put all the columns (questions) on one page with the circles up each bar, or if I'd have to do them one at a time.

Look forward to hearing your response.  Frances

David Anderson

Hi Frances,

Thanks for sharing that image and ppt; I think I now understand what you're trying to do.

Quizmaker can work for what you're trying to do. The challenge is that you can't put 25 radio buttons on one question slide. What you can do, however, is ask learners to answer the bar chart questions at the chart level. Here's a quick demo of how it could look:

I faded the choices at 75% transparency and faded them in full as each question was asked. Another option would be to keep all choices faded except for the current question. Either way works well and is easy to update.

The final slide with the green check marks is a Quizmaker Blank Slide. I added the check marks to indicate the correct choices. The following slide is the Results Slide which is a built-in feature of Quizmaker. You can choose to disable and not show the results if you want.

Would something like that work for your project?

David Anderson

The Survey > Likert Scale question might also work:

You'd have to frame it more around a survey question where you ask the learners to rate how strongly they agree each statement is correct or false, but it's another option.

If either of the last two examples is a possibility, please let me know and I'll post the source files and more details on how to create.

Frances Steinberg

Hi, Dave.  I really like both your options.  I think the multiple choice one will work.  Is there a way they can get the response by having the graph plotted at the end so it has visual impact instead of having the check marks..   I attached a picture of what I mean.  I really appreciate your helping with this.

David Anderson

Hi Frances,

Glad we're getting closer. Yes, the feedback slide (Quizmaker Blank Slide) is just like a PowerPoint slide in that you can create and arrange objects just about anyway you like.

Here's what an updated version looks like:

And the source file:

I'm happy to walk you through this since most of it was created in Slide View and uses a few Beyond Basics features

David Anderson

Here are a couple screencasts on the process. It was a fun project to figure out.

Setting up the questions:

Setting up the Blank Slide for custom feedback:

So in the example, I only added one feedback slide at the end of the 5 questions. You could create a feedback slide for each of the questions.

Alternative Question type:

You could also use the Hotspot question to create the same effect. Instead of radio buttons, you could create shaded zones for each of the 5 levels of severity and create a Hotspot around the correct area.

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