Branch through quiz > exit > return & visit new branch

Mar 22, 2012

I've set up my quiz as a survey with multiple branches.

Once the user chooses a branch on the mother slide they follow the branch and exit the quiz.

I'd like them to revisit the same quiz to explore other branches.

The problem is when they click the quiz slide on the outline it takes them back to the last quizmaker slide they visited and exited. ie: they never get to the mother slide when they revisit the quiz.

How can I get quizmaker to stop remembering the exit point and allow users to revisit a quiz, make the branching choice on the mother slide > exit > revisit the mother slide > branch out > exit > revisit > branch out > exit, etc...

Thanks for any help...

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Kevin Dowd


I did something similar just yesterday!

I tricked it.  I opened the quiz, and did a save as as something new.  So for example, the first quiz was management 1, and the second was management 2, but they are the exact same quiz.  What this enabled me to do was to enbed both management 1 and management 2, have them start in management 1 and have a back button look alike that directed the user to management 2.  This way, it didn't remember anything. 

If you are showing your navigation panel, you'll want to hide the second quiz.

Hope this helps,


XAn Choly

Thanks Heidi. It must be possible then - that's great news.

Let me see if I understood your flow...

You embedded 2 copies of the same quiz, Mgt1 & Mgt2 and embedded them on 2 slides.

Users click the exit button on Mgt1 and are taken to the next slide Mgt2.

So when you click Slide1 on the outline it started on Mgt1 again?

What happens if users hit the next button on Slide1 Mgt1 ?

Kevin Dowd

Hello Xan,

You could do that, yes.  If mgt 2 immediately follows mgt 1, your properties in presenter will default to the user going to mgt 2 upon finishing.

However, in my course I have a slide in between mgt 1 and mgt 2.  The in between slide has a "back button" (called "review quiz") that allows the user to go back to mgt 2.

The published version of this section can be viewed at: and the pptx is attached.  I'm sure you know this, but to view the file you need to first "save as" a pptx. 


Hope this helps,


XAn Choly

Thanks Heidi. I tried it but it didn't work for me.

Then I figured out if you go to Quiz player templates> edit the template> under navigation > under Resume > uncheck prompt to resume...

Voila, the next time you revisit the branching slide it works without remembering where you clicked last. I can revisit any number of times and it always goes back to the mother slide.

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