Branching after a quiz

As part of a course in Presenter, the learners take a quiz. At the end of the quiz, learners should get a results slide which shows their score.
If the learners PASS:
  • the results slide needs to take them to a "good job, keep going" slide and they continue with one branch of slides in Presenter (starting with say Slide 20).

If the learners FAIL:

  • they should get a "fail" results slide, which needs to branch them to some different slides in Presenter.
Then after completing those, they go to  then after completing their revision, another branch takes them to Slide 20 and beyond.
How do I do this?
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Justin Wilcox

The first thing you need to do set up the Finish actions for your quiz. You would want to select the "Goes to Specific Slide" option and select the desired slides for a pass or fail result. 

At the end of the fail branch you can take them back to the quiz. If they pass, then they get to continue on the passed branch.