Branching Options in Quizmaker '13

May 28, 2014

I want to branch to a specific slide in the presentation.  The tutorial informs me I can select the following from the Branching drop-down menu. 

Next Slide

Previous Slide

Finish Quiz

Specific Question Group

Specific Slide

The Branching drop-down menu that displays only gives me the  first three options.  Help please.  I need the Specific Slide option.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Theressia!

Where are you trying to set the branching up, your question mentions your presentation and there is a  tutorial about slide properties for Presenter.

Based on the list you are sharing above, it sounds like you are trying the branching options in Quizmaker though.

Please note:

Specific Slide: Select any slide in your quiz to jump directly to that slide.

This is not going to allow you to jump to a slide outside of your quiz.

You are welcome to share your .quiz file here if you'd like.

Theressia Hazelmyer

Yes, I'm using quizmaker.  And I want to branch to a slide in the presentation (Presenter).  Is this possible?  Or, can you tell me how I can copy and paste the slide from PowerPoint into Quizmaker?  I tried this yesterday and was unsuccessful.

Also, I sent a support request before I saw your response here.

Ashley Sharp

Hi Leslie-

I am having the same exact issue as above.  (I read the same article too) My Problem is: I need the learner to verify after each chapter (10 chapters) that they have read and agree with the content presented. 

I was trying to originally make this happen by using the True or False quiz by changing it to Yes or No.  The feedback options goes like this:  "Yes" goes to next chapter (next slide) and No WOULD go back to a specific slide (previous chapter). They will not be allowed to continue until they select "yes". 

...and I am also using Quizmaker 13. Do you have another suggestion to easily accomplish this?

Ashley Sharp

Yes! I have the Slide Properties (in Slide View) set to:  On Passing to (next slide) ; On Fail to (Specific slide number) with results slide set to (None).  However, when I test this out my "no" feedback doesn't pop up.  It looks like its set up correctly. 

Earlier it worked but then after I tested the "no" selection it wouldn't let me take the test again.  I'm a bit confused on which I'm supposed to set my attempts.

There's 3 options:
1. Quiz Properties= 1 attempt (slide view)
2. Question Tab = Unlimited (in quizmaker)
3. Question Form View/Slide View Menu= Unlimited (in quizmaker)


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