Breaking a course into modules - Quizmaker files do not play

Nov 10, 2011

I recently tried to break apart a course into seven individual modules for posting to our LMS.  Upon doing so, I noticed that none of the Quizmaker files display when viewing the player.html file.  They view correctly in Quizmaker, but not after publishing.  FYI --  I followed Tom's directions to use the Articulate package feature to zip the files properly.  Then I extracted the files and republished the PPTX as individual modules.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks for your feedback!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Deborah,

I'm thinking you may need to re-associate your quizzes with the new quiz files. You can do this by clicking Edit in Quizmaker from the quiz placeholder slide in your new presentation. When you created the package file, it should have packaged the quiz files in the same folder that contains the new PPT file, so see if you are able to associate each quiz with the .QUIZ file in that folder and let me know if that does the trick. Good luck!

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