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Steve Flowers

I never thought to look until now.

Has the exported quiz data always been locked in an swf? If so, is this for reasons of obscuring answers from view of prying eyes of lazy learners?

I've looked at the structures and you might be able to get away with sweeping through with a hex editor on the source format to search and replace but I wouldn't count on structural consistency (I haven't tried this and you could destroy your source data file while attempting to do so). The data structures within the data file are straight forward. With some ingenuity and tool flexibility you could sweep through and replace the data within the data.swf after publish (would require a decompiler / replacer - which aren't free). For 93 links, this is the approach I would take to save the hour or so it'd take to manually replace those url references. There isn't any guarantee that this process won't break anything in your output (YMMV).

If you haven't already you may want to submit a feature request for search & replace functionality and / or an editable flat file source data format.