Chaning the background colour for Incorrect/Correct Pop ups only


My client wants the background for the correct (green) and incorrect (red) pop up background colours to be different.  I've searched and experimented and it appears the background colour scheme is linked to the pop-ups (correct/incorrect feedback) so this type of customisation isn't possible.

Is that correct (please say no!!).



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Jill McNair

Hi Heather,

I could be wrong, but this seems like a Storyline question.  If it is, here is a possible solution.  If not, please forgive me!

In the beta, there was a post where this topic was discussed.  In this first release, unfortunately, we do not have the power to change these colors.  Perhaps a solution would be to cover up the bars so they do not show - remembering that there will still be a green check if the answer is correct, and a red 'x' if it is wrong.  

In this post, Jeanette told us how to do this.   Here are the instructions:

1. Go to the quiz slide and open the Question Editor

2. Look at the bottom of the editor window and you will see the correct/incorrect feedback layer fields.  Under those fields is a 'Post Quiz Review' box.

3. Type something in that box - some words, or just a blank space.  Hit the 'Save & Close' button.  This adds a 'Review' layer to your slide above the correct and incorrect layers.

4. Click on the new 'Review' layer on your slide.  You will see that SL has added a caption box to the layer.  It will contain text if you typed some, or will be blank if you only entered a blank space.

5. Go to the timeline and turn off the visibility of the caption box shape by clicking the eye (unless you want it to show)

6. Go to the Feedback Master by clicking on View>Feedback Master

7. Click on the 'Review Feedback Layout' slide.  Hover over a layout slide to see it's name.

8. Insert a rectangle to cover the bottom of the slide (where the red and green bars will show).  Make the rectangle the same color as your background and remove the outline.  This shape will cover up that bar that automatically gets generated.

9. Repeat steps 1-5 for every quiz slide.

Hope this helps or inspires another solution for you!


Heather Dickinson

Thanks Jill for taking the time to answer.  Unfortunately I couldn't find the "Post Quiz Review" box option anywhere in the Question Editor so I'm thinking this was a storyline option?  Please correct me if I'm wrong - but looks like I'll just have to keep convincing them to "cross over" to Storyline