Characters in non-Western languages don't render correctly in LMS

Reposting this here as the thread it was in originally hasn't been replied to.

We use SumTotal LMS. Quiz data from Articulate in languages such as Russian or Vietnamese for example comes through to the LMS with the character encoding messed up. An example is attached from a Vietnamese course:

I suspect the published course uses encoding that renders the Vietnamese characters incorrectly, but I don't know how to fix it or what encoding should be used. The imsmanifest file of the published SCORM course shows that characters are not rendered properly there either:

This string came through with ASCII codes for the title which render properly in the LMS: 


<langstring xml:lang="x-none">Hiểu Về Làn Da</langstring>


But this string did not:

<organizations default="Hi_u_V_L_n_Da_ORG">

<organization identifier="Hi_u_V_L_n_Da_ORG">

Please, any advice for correcting this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Andrew Millard

Thanks very much for the quick reply Christine!

That does seem to be what we are seeing, and it makes sense, but does make reporting quiz answers pretty difficult. Also surprising because I don't think we've seen this problem with SCORM 1.2 courses created with other tools, but I'm not sure of that.

If the quiz responses were created using ASCII codes in the course, do you think they would render properly that way, as the title seems to do when imported into our LMS?

Thanks again!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Andrew,

It's quite possible that it would work that way, but I personally haven't tested this. I've played with ASCII a bit, but not within Articulate software. 

If you're able to give that a try, please let me know how it turns out I'm curious if that would work for you. If so, that'd be great, I'm sure that would make reading the data a bit easier. 

Thanks! Have a great weekend Andrew!