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Aug 16, 2018

Dear Heroes,

I am new to Articulate, so I hope this is an easy fix. I am in charge of creating compliance trainings for a financial firm. We have a test each year that all employees must take (and pass). One chance only.

I found that there is a very easy way to "cheat" on the quiz I created in quizmaker. Simply make your choice and wait for the feedback dialog box. Close the browser window and start the activity again. When that happens, you are given the choice to start where you left off, in which case, it takes you back to the question that you just answered incorrectly. Essentially this way, one can keep guessing until getting it right.

Any fixes?

We are hosting the training on the SAP SuccessFactors LMS.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melanie, 

That's something we've heard folks talk about before, and it's a fairly devious way of cheating, but I guess all cheating is devious. 

You mentioned you're hosting this in an LMS, and there is a great, comprehensive article here on the security of SCORM. It's a long article, but the crux of it is, if you need 100% complete security you'll need a proctor for the exam. 

Since the beginning of testing, there's been cheating, and there will continue to be. With that in mind, you may want to look at other question types that allow users to demonstrate their knowledge vs. ability to guess. 

One other thought, remove the feedback and prompt the learners to submit all quiz questions at once. 

Melanie Brooks

Hi Ashley,

Thanks so much for your ideas. Yes, devious. Unfortunately, I knew to test it because it has happened here before. 

I think I will explore the submit all quiz questions at once option. One question I have regarding that: Is it possible to use the "submit all quiz questions at once" option while still preventing someone from continuing in the training until they answer a question? What I am worried about is that someone would unintentionally skip a few questions and "submit all" and then fail the training as a result.

Unfortunately, because we are a financial institution and have compliance obligations, we can't allow retakes or unlimited tries at questions, etc. 

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