Clever design ideas for this situation?

Aug 19, 2011

I work for a medical association, and all of my courses are scenario based.  I have SMEs that currently want to do this (in multiple choice format) to some questions within a course:

Question: What is the first step?

A- Incorrect.  (Gives feedback then branches back to the question so that the user can try again.)

B-"Good choice!  This is done.  Please choose another response." (Branches back to the question so the user can try again, because in designing it I'm to indicate in quizmaker that this answer is incorrect.)

C- Correct. (Gives feedback then branches to the next slide in the course.)

D - Incorrect.  (Gives feedback then branches back to the question so that the user can try again.)

I dont' like this at all because:

1. If B should or can be done before C, and the user selects C first, then he will just get the response of "correct" and never know that he should or could have selected B first.  Furthermore, C isn't the correct first step if B could or should be done before C.

2. It's clunky and confusing.

A clear solution here would be to break this out to two questions: what is the first step, and what is the second step.  That's more work on the part of the SMEs, however, because then they would need to come up with distractors for essentially another question.

I could do a sequence drag and drop or a sequence drop down, but since two of the answers are completely wrong (and thus their answers would be identical) that won't work.

Anyone have any clever or simple design ideas for this?  I'd prefer to keep these questions in quizmaker because all of the other questions within this course are in quizmaker, but I'd be perfectly happy with a presenter solution. 

I imagine that if I can come up with a good solution here, it would be very useful in future courses as well.

Many thanks and sorry for making your brains work so hard on a Friday.


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Kevin Dowd

What about this.  What if the question said "please select the first 2 steps in the correct order." 

If they select A, C, or D. They receive the feedback: "Incorrect.  This not the best FIRST choice.  Please try again." Branch them back to the question.

If they select B say Correct!  Please select the best next step then branch them to a page where only A, C, and D are choices.

Could it be this simple?

Kevin Dowd

Hi Blake,

For some of them, yes, brilliantly, thank you.  For others, "semi-correct" response really could/should be done.

For example one of the responses would be:

Choice: Perform A pharyngeal swab and send this for a rapid group A beta hemolytie strep test.

Response: Good choice.  This was done and the test is negative.  The swab was sent for a clture which will take 24 hours.  Please make another choice.

BUT the swab wasn't "done" until AFTER the user selected this response.

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