conditional feedback involving blank slides

Jan 12, 2012

I have a 20 questions multiple choice quiz.  These questions require math calculations.  For each quiz question I have created a blank slide with the correct mathematical solution.  I would like to be able to run this quiz in 2 scenarios. 

Scenario 1 requires submission of each answer one at a time.  If the answer is correct, the user moves on to the next question.  If the answer is wrong, the user moves onto the associated blank answer slide, then onto the next question.

Scenario 2 requires submission of all answers at the end of the quiz.  In this scenario, the user takes the entire quiz, submits is, then accesses incorrect quiz question followed by the blank answer slide for that question.

At this point I have question #1 slide, blank answer slide #1, question #2 slide, blank answer slide #2, etc.  When trying to follow either scenario #1 or #2, the user goes to each and every answer slide whether they got the correct answer or not.



- Dustin

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